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Posted on October 31st, 2010

Greater West Portal refers to a cluster of small, but very affluent neighborhoods that wrap around most of Mount Davidson. This group includes the areas formally known as:

  • Forest Hill
  • Forest Hill Extension
  • West Portal
  • St. Francis Wood
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Westwood Highlands
  • Monterey Heights
  • Balboa Terrace
  • Mount Davidson Manor
  • Ingleside Terrace

The Price Survey chart shows the median selling price for most of these individual areas. The rest of the charts on this site are based on the aggregate sales data for all of these areas combined.

This is done to increase the sample size (amount of data) because otherwise the individual areas are too small to conduct meaningful statistical analysis.

These neighborhoods all have several important similarities. They are all upscale areas with large homes that are more suburban in character than most of the other single family homes in San Francisco.

The vast majority of these homes are fully detached and sit on much larger lots than the average city home. These large lots enable the homes to be set back much further from the street and facilitate a green, tree-lined streetscape with beautiful lawns and gardens.

By contrast, most other SFRs throughout the city are on 25-foot wide by 100-foot deep lots. These homes normally touch each other and were built so close to the street there is no room to park a car in front without blocking the sidewalk.

The homes in these areas are also suburban in that, for the most part, there is no easily accessible shopping district within walking distance. The exceptions are West Portal, St. Francis Wood and the areas along the Ocean Street corridor.

The Forest Hill and West Portal Muni stations are a major junction for different bus lines and provide an underground subway station. This supports three different subway lines that link to the downtown financial district and numerous other popular neighborhoods.

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