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The Excelsior is part of a group of more affordable neighborhoods south of Interstate 280 and west of Highway 101. Also in this group are:

  • Portola
  • Crocker Amazon
  • Mission Terrace / Outer Mission
  • Visitacian Valley

There is a very major step down in median home prices when you cross I-280 to the south, as you can see from the neighborhood price survey chart.

The overwhelming majority of homes in the Excelsior are single family residences, which were 0% of unit sales over the last year.

The main shopping and retail area is along Mission Street. There are two easily accessible BART stations that provide Excelsior residents with exceptional access to downtown San Francisco and may other parts of the bay area. One is on San Jose near Ocean and the other is in Glen Park on Bosworth near Diamond.

Residents of the Excelsior and surrounding area enjoy some of the best weather in San Francisco since the fog that comes and goes throughout the summer months usually burns off before reaching this area.

The Excelsior borders John McLaren Park and the Gleneagles Golf Course, which is the 5th largest contiguous green space in the city.

The Excelsior is a diverse neighborhood with strong immigrant populations of mainly Latino and Asian decent. The original immigrants to this area were mainly Italian and Irish people who began arriving in the 1860’s.

The Excelsior was the home and birthplace of Jerry Garcia of the Greatful Dead. Sadly it was also home to Supervisor Dan White, who assassinated Mayor George Moscone and Harvey Milk and successfully used the “twinkie defense” to reduce his sentence.

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