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The Outer Richmond sits at the north western edge of San Francisco. It is surrounded on three sides by major parks and the Pacific Ocean.

The housing stock is a predominantly single family homes, which were 0% of sales over the last year. Condos and Duplexes filled out most of the rest of unit sales.

Residents of the Outer Richmond enjoy direct access to Land’s End and to the north and Golden Gate Park to the south. Just slightly further south is Ocean Beach which offers advanced surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Major bus service along both California and Geary provides excellent mass transit to the downtown financial district and many other parts of the city.

San Francisco can be highly affected by fog from the Pacific Ocean. This mostly happens, off and on, during the summer months. Some summers are worse than others and most of the city still enjoys a large number of sunny days throughout the year.

The Outer Richmond is directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and can be quite foggy from time to time. The high bluffs along Land’s End will sometimes hold the fog back.

However, the low lying area of the Outer Sunset and is an open door to the powerful draw of air from the hot central valley that pulls the marine layer in from the ocean.

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