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The Outer Sunset/Parkside is a large residential area at the western edge of the city. The area is predominantly single family homes, which were 0% of sales over the last year. There are some relatively new and mid-century condos along the Great Highway and La Playa.

The Outer Sunset is known for fog and various forms of surfing at Ocean Beach. Many residents are avid surfers, windsurfers and/or kitessurfers attracted by the relatively low prices and easy access to the ocean.

There are retail shopping and dining areas along Irving, Noriega and Taraval and major transportation lines along Judah and Taraval. These street car lines become underground subways after they travel a little further east.

The homes in this area are relatively homogenous and were originally built be highly affordable. They are known as Doelger homes, named after the builder, and have a reputation for being well built.

The northern part of the Outer Sunset/Parkside borders the southwestern edge of Golden Gate Park. This offers residents easy access to a tremendous number of resources and events for recreation, education and culture. Golden Gate Park is one of the crown jewels of San Francisco and an enormous benefit for those living nearby.

The southern part of the neighborhood borders the San Francisco Zoo, Lake Merced and Fort Funston. This is also an excellent destination for recreation, including hang-gliding at Fort Funston.

San Francisco can get fogged in, off and on, during the summer months when the marine layer (fog) is drawn in from the Pacific Ocean by the rising hot air of the central valley. Some summers are worse than others and the entire city still enjoys a large number of beautiful, warm sunny days throughout the year. The Central Sunset/Parkside is one of the first neighborhoods to be affected by fog.

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