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The Inner Sunset is an absolute gem of a neighborhood that is not very well known, even among long-time San Francisco residents.

Because it has the term “Sunset” in its name, people associate it with the more fog-bound areas of the Central and Outer Sunset and the smaller Doelger homes that were built in those areas during the 1930’s and 40’s.

The Inner Sunset was mainly developed in the period between 1910 and 1920 and contains a significant number of larger, Victorian style and Edwardian era homes.

The Inner Sunset has one of the best retail/dining areas featuring a large number of diverse restaurants. This area is centered around 9th Avenue and Irving and easily rivals better known areas like 24th Street in Noe Valley.

The Inner Sunset has excellent access to mass transit. The N-Judah street car line cuts through the heart of the neighborhood and then becomes an underground subway line that goes straight downtown after it goes through Cole Valley.

In addition, the Inner Sunset has highly effective bus links to the Forest Hill Muni station that provides three additional subway links to downtown and numerous other neighborhoods.

The Inner Sunset borders the southeastern edge of Golden Gate Park. This offers residents easy access to a tremendous number of resources and events for recreation, education and culture. Significant redevelopment has taken place in the park over the last five years and there is more to come. Golden Gate Park is one of the crown jewels of San Francisco and an enormous benefit for those living nearby.

San Francisco weather can be highly affected by fog from the Pacific Ocean. This mostly happens, off and on, during the summer months. Some summers are worse than others and the entire city still enjoys a large number of beautiful, warm sunny days throughout the year.

The Inner Sunset is in a bit of a transition zone from a fog and weather perspective because it is several miles inland from Ocean Beach. Neighborhoods to the west will be cooler and neighborhoods to the east will be sunnier and warmer when the fog comes in.

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