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Greater Ingleside, Oceanview & Merced Heights

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Greater Ingleside refers to four contiguous areas in the southwest corner of San Francisco formally known as:

  • Merced Heights
  • Ingleside
  • Ingleside Heights
  • Oceanview

If you look closely at the adjacent map you will find each of these names. As you can see from the Price Survey Chart, these are roughly similar in price with the exception of Oceanview, which tends to be the lowest priced area among the group.

The housing stock is predominantly single family homes, which were 0% of property sales over the last year.

The Balboa Park BART station is just outside the north east border of Ingleside and provides residents with fast reliable mass transit to the downtown financial district and many other destinations around the bay area.

The Greater Ingleside is one of the more affordable areas for single family homes in San Francisco and is roughly comparable in price to the Excelsior and Portola neighborhoods further east.

Like those other areas, the Greater Ingleside is a “meat and potatoes” area that does not have the glamour, cache or price of the neighborhoods to the north and east. Nevertheless, these are good, safe and practical areas.

The Greater Ingleside is close to Interstate 280 and 19th Avenue which gives it very good transit access up and down the peninsula.

San Francisco will get fogged in, off and on, during the summer months when the marine layer (fog) is drawn in from the Pacific Ocean by the rising hot air of the central valley. The fog burns off as it travels east and warms up over land.

The Greater Ingleside is more foggy than the eastern neighborhoods but less foggy than the extreme western areas along the coast, such as the Outer Sunset.

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