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Miraloma Park is an affordable residential neighborhood near the geographical center of San Francisco. It is wrapped around Mount Davidson from the northeast flank to the southeast.

Like the more affluent neighborhoods to the northwest, west and southwest, the homes in Miraloma Park are almost all fully detached. They are also set back a little further from the street than the average single family residence in San Francisco and this gives the neighborhood a little more of a suburban feel.

There is no large-scale shopping and dining district within the neighborhood itself but there is a nice strip of stores on Portola, along the northern boundary near O’Shaughnessy. The stores include a Mollie Stone’s (formerly Tower Market) along with a number of others, such as Wallgreen’s, Starbucks, several dry cleaners, a beauty salon, etc.

There are a number of larger shopping and dining areas within a one mile radius in three different directions. These include West Portal, the Inner Sunset and Noe Valley.

Miraloma Park is perched fairly high up on Mount Davidson and offers some excellent views to the east and south that include views of the San Francisco Bay.

Miraloma Park has good proximity to the BART station in Glen Park and the underground Muni station in Forest Hill. These links provide residents with fast and direct access to the downtown financial district. The BART station also provides access to an extensive number of destinations around the greater bay area including Oakland, Berkeley, Orinda and more.

Miraloma Park is a good, clean, safe and relatively affordable neighborhood with a good stock of fully detached single family homes. While it is not the sexiest part of San Francisco, this area is an excellent value in a great central location.

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