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Greater Hayes Valley refers to three contiguous areas formally known as:

  • Hayes Valley
  • North Pan Handle (NoPa)
  • Alamo Square

Hayes Valley also includes an area known to many people as the Lower Haight, which is not a formally defined area within the parlance of the local realtor association.

As you can see from the Price Survey Chart, Hayes Valley and NoPa are roughly similar in price. Alamo Square is not shown because the area is too small for there to be enough data to support individual analysis.

Other than the Price Survey Chart, the other charts on this page are based on an aggregate of the data for all three of these areas. This is done to increase the sample size (amount of data) in order to improve the quality and usefulness of the statistics and related analysis.

The housing stock in Greater Hayes Valley is predominantly condos and TICs, which were 0% and 0% of unit sales, respectively, over the last year.

There are expensive single family homes in the area including some of the most famous homes in San Francisco. These are the “painted ladies” along the border of Alamo Square and are one of the most familiar icons representing the city.

Alamo Square Victorians

Greater Hayes Valley has great weather and is conveniently close to just about everything including the Civic Center, USF, UCSF, Golden Gate Park, The Haight and much more.

Greater Hayes Valley is also more affordable than most of the areas that surround it, excluding the Western Addition, which does not have an historically positive reputation.

San Francisco will get fogged in, off and on, during the summer months when the marine layer (fog) is drawn in from the Pacific Ocean by the rising hot air of the central valley. The fog burns off as it travels east and warms up over land.

The more east-central location of Greater Hayes Valley means it will often be sunny and warm when the western neighborhoods are fogged in.

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