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Bernal Heights is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in San Francisco North of I-280. The housing stock is primarily single family homes, which were 0% of  sales over the last year.

The main shopping, dining and retail area in Bernal Heights is along Cortland Avenue between Folsom Street and Bonview.  There are also retail areas along Mission Street north of Cortland and 24th Street in the Inner Mission.

The peak of the hill is in Bernal Heights Park, which is a wonderful, dog-friendly park with exceptional views.  The most valuable real estate in Bernal Heights is in the following areas:

  • South-slope between the park and Cortland
  • North-slope between the park and Precita
  • West-slope between the park and Mission Street, north of Cortland

Many north-slope homes in Bernal Heights offer stunning views of downtown San Francisco while many east facing, south-slope homes have great views of the San Francisco Bay. Homes on the east-slope can have nice views of Noe Valley, Diamond Heights and Twin Peaks.

Real estate values drop as you move south from Cortland and they drop even more as you move south from Cortland and East from Banks.

The homes around Holly Park, in the south western part of Bernal Heights command prices substantially higher than homes in the south-east part of Bernal.  However, they still tend to be a little lower than homes north of Cortland.

There is a wonderful enclave of fully detached homes immediately west of St. Mary’s Playground, east of Mission Street.  Most homes in Bernal Heights sit on 25-foot wide lots and touch each other.  Finding fully detached homes, in a relatively affordable area of San Francisco, is rare.  This niche is very attractive to many buyers but is not very well known.

Property values along the extreme eastern and southern edges of Bernal Heights are negatively impacted by Highway 101 and I-280.  There is also a public housing project at the southern tip of Bernal Heights, just north of  Alemany, east of St. Mary’s Playground.  There is a strip of relatively new, low-cost condos along Alemany that represent a high percentage of the total condo stock in Bernal Heights.

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