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SoMa refers to the area South of Market, near the eastern edge of San Francisco. Most people think of SoMa as encompassing much more area than the realtor community, who have repeatedly reduced their definition of SoMa over the last ten years.

Realtors have redrawn their neighborhood maps to give more space to South Beach and recently carved out another large chunk of SoMa to create a new area called Yerba Buena.

Yerba Buena is not shown separately here but is roughly the top-right ~40% of the outline area.

Part of the motivation for these changes is the large expansion of high-end condos around the new AT&T baseball field. These buildings are closer to the waterfront than most of SoMa and have a higher price point. This motivated the expansion of South Beach as an area with a similar housing stock.

Then Yerba Buena was created because, in the aftermath of the housing crash, realtors didn’t have enough to do. (just kidding)

While the Price Survey chart shows the median price for condos in SoMa and Yerba Buena separately, the other charts on this page aggregate the sales data for these two areas.

This is done to increase the sample size (amount of data) in order to improve the quality and usefulness of the statistics and related analysis.

As the Price Survey chart indicates, there is a statistical difference between SoMa and Yerba Buena. From a realtor perspective, SoMa has been redefined as an area that is smaller, more to the south and less valuable than either South Beach or Yerba Buena.

SoMa / Yerba Buena has great weather since it sits near the eastern edge of the city.

San Francisco will get fogged in, off and on, during the summer months when the marine layer (fog) is drawn in from the Pacific Ocean by the rising hot air of the central valley.

The fog burns off as it travels east and warms up over land, which usually happens before it reaches SoMa / Yerba Buena.

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