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South Beach is the newest and highest density residential neighborhood in San Francisco. Ten years ago, most of South Beach was thought of as part of the slightly more down market SoMa (South of Market) area.

The definition of South Beach has expanded to include a sizable area south of Interstate 80 as this area was redeveloped following the move of the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium in 2000.

With this redevelopment came the construction of many luxury high-rise condominiums. These fed the insatiable demand for quality housing that emerged from 1997 through 2007.

Most of South Beach is within a short walk of the downtown financial district and an entire new neighborhood of shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs has sprung up here over these last ten years.

Many of the condos offer fantastic views of the San Francisco Bay, the financial district and the rest of the city.

South Beach has great weather since it sits along the eastern edge of the city.

San Francisco will get fogged in, off and on, during the summer months when the marine layer (fog) is drawn in from the Pacific Ocean by the rising hot air of the central valley.

The fog burns off as it travels east and warms up over land, which usually happens before it reaches South Beach.

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